A look at how others are using R.U.M.

We at RUM are about farmers helping farmers. No empty promises, no propaganda, just a product that delivers better results for both the land and your hipocket. For over 17 years, Beaulieu RUM liquid nutrients has helped thousands of farmers around the world. From around the corner with Joe's mangoes to across the globe with tea for the Chinese Emperor - RUM's been there through thick and thin.

R.U.M. at a glance

RUM can be used on anything!
Cereal, oil crops, cotton, pasture, produce, sugar cane, herbs and flowers are just some things that people use Beaulieu RUM liquid nutrients on. Truth be told - you can use RUM on absolutely anything that grows!
Proven in the paddock for over 15 years
Beaulieu RUM liquid nutrients at 3-30L/ha is the growth alternative to 50-500kg/ha of urea. This means that with RUM you can save up to 40% on the cost of urea for the area treated. Don't believe us? Give us a call and we'll let you know how.
Apply RUM anywhere, anytime!
Unlike other fertilizers, Beaulieu RUM liquid nutrients can be applied before, during or after rain. This makes it more useful when uncertain about the weather.

Pasture fertilizer Trial
Interested in seeing how Beaulieu RUM liquid nutrients compares with other fertilizers on pasture? See our pasture fertilizer trial